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Norway, London, Prague

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Fram Film is a production company of Films, Artwork and Design. Our focus is to collaborate with all kinds of talents to both create artistic and commercial projects. Fram Film is based in Norway, but have been producing in several countries like the UK, Czech Republic, Holland and USA.

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  1. Enok Groven
  2. Jack Fisher
  4. David Farkas
  5. Shiho Sung
  6. Johannes Konrad
  7. Santiago Morales
  8. Laurin Tomaschewski
  9. Maxime Billon (
  10. Christian Neie
  11. Morten Koldby
  12. Kwan Chi Ming
  13. Frederic Vercammen
  14. The Film Artist
  15. Scott Smith Photography/DP
  16. Arne Wossink
  17. nico casal
  18. MVS Films

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