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Bay City, Michigan, USA

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Haven't really worked at 'producing' anything, but I have tried taking a few videos with my Kodak, and have uploaded some to YouTube. I Would love to get into 3-D modeling, with a view towards producing 'virtual' sets. I've worked with Google's (well, now it's Trimble, I believe) free SketchUp program to construct several models of buildings in my local area (Bay City, Michigan, US) which had been included in the Google Earth 3D layer, before they started automating the process. I have also played around with the Blender application, but I've still got a lot to learn with it. I enjoy taking photographs of the local area (I don't have a car, so I rely on my bicycle/feet/friends to get around), and I am slowly learning, and consider myself at least a step up from the 'snapshot' stage.

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  1. Francis Lalonde commented on Deluge
    Very nice (and eerie). I like the transitions between B/W and color. My favorite part is the little surprise near the end. Great music as well - The combination really clicked.