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After graduating from Fine Arts, François Vautier worked with contemporary art galleries in Paris. He then embarked upon a collaboration with ARTE (a European television network). Connecting with Raphael Nadjari he founded "A Bout Portant" and "Filmmaker Factory" whereby he continued to produce highly creative opening titles and his first feature film: the thriller "le P'tit Bleu". Continuing his research in design, François expanded on new processes of shooting in virtual studios. His second feature film "Déjà Vu" is a science fiction film. The story of a teenager in a futuristic fable where the reality merges with the virtual. He then prolongs the exploration of "Parallel Worlds" in the realization of "Twenty Show", the first user generated film (co-directed by Godefroy Fouray). His work was presented at the WORLD EXPO Shanghai 2010.

contact +33 6 64 37 36 99

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