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Performance artist Kurtz Frausun creates his Dark Ambient/Gothic/Industrial music and composes experimental videos that utilize religious, historical, horror themes and social issues both on stage and online. He draws inspiration from bands such as Dead Can Dance, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Death in June and film directors Leni Riefenstahl, Fritz Lang, David Lynch, as well as the literary works of Rumi, Nietzsche, and William S. Burroughs. Unconventional tones are utilized, including screams from a mad house, Latin invocations, classical strings, and ambient chants, with hard beats and noise assault.

“My inspiration is as varied as the elements in our music. A pounding Industrial beat will be mixed with a Call to Prayer and sitars. A blend of the organic and electronic.”

When Frausun takes stage, he brings not only music, with live experimentation and effects, but unique guests: BDSM performers, burlesque dancers, painters, poets, torture and shock talents to make every show a totally unique experience.

“Our shows become Total Environments: Billowing incense, hypnotic videos, subliminal audio/video messages, etc. to draw you into this dark world.”

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