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Paris / Montreal

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Frédéric Roux specialized in integrated campaigns and building special and innovative operations. A natural-born traveller who shared his time between France and Canada before settling in Paris, Fred used his endless curiosity and sense of invention to help push the envelope in many memorable campaigns and innovative platforms for clients such as Apple, Capital One, The Gazette, Toyota, Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, Wonderbra and many more.

While at Bleublancrouge in Montreal, Fred was lead creative in charge of the Literacy Foundation accounts for more than 3 years. His words selling campaign, “Word Depot”, made him want to develop his ideas more transversally. To widen the frame, to work on and respond to briefs, but to always try and offer that little bit extra. He wants to stretch ideas so that a key idea can be born through different media formats.

Always challenging the artistic process and finding new ways to balance creativity and client demand, Fred's work has been rewarded with numerous international awards such as Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show, Tomorrow Awards, ADC, NY Festival, Créativité Montréal and many more.

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