Freedom Gate Church

Marietta, Ohio

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Who are we?.. walk in and you will hear and see will
hear and see will hear prayer and intercession for
government at all levels. You will see both young and old on
the platform worshiping and young children in the crowd dancing with
flags. You will hear the message of the Kingdom, not in a technically
theological sense but in application to every sphere of life. You
will hear and see saints being sent- sent to relocate,sent across town
to pastor ,and sent as teams to pray, serve and proclaim both locally
and globally. You will be in an atmosphere hungry for
the word of God to be released by the Holy Spirit.
You will be engaged to encounter Jesus as Savior, Lord and King. You will see the generations joined together

We earnestly desire that each one, family or guest, who join us to worship, experience His presence and have an ongoing dynamic encounter with God. Within an atmosphere of His presence we equip the saints for the distinct work they are called to do in their generation. We work to synergisticly join the generations in both equipping and sending. Our desire is to continue to train generations with a strong biblical world view that contends with the culture of our day and advances Christs Kingdom in every sphere of life. We believe this experience of encountering God and being equipped for life will produce modern day reformers.

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