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FreemanWhite is an integrated design and consulting practice that brings innovative data driven facilities solutions to the healthcare industry. Our practice has developed around the narrow and deep concept that healthcare is too complex to do “part time”. Established in 1892, FreemanWhite is one of the oldest firms in America and our evolution has transformed us from “building” experts to a holistic healthcare design firm of architects, strategic and market analysts, clinicians, engineers, operational consultants, low voltage specialists, and medical equipment planners.

We seek team members who share our passion and excitement about the complexity of the healthcare market sector. This approach allows FreemanWhite to deliver uncommon creativity across a broad spectrum of services with single source accountability. Our multi-disciplined teams listen, evaluate, and deliver value through focused and holistic design solutions that respond to prioritized strategic, operational, technological, and facility needs.

Healthcare Achitecture, Strategy, Operations, Engineering/Technology, Master Planning

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