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  1. Comedy

    by Silver Persinger

    435 Videos / 29 Followers

    Stand-up Comedy from Richmond, Virginia and possibly other places. Mostly from open mic nights and free shows. If you are a performer and would like your performance removed, send me an email at…

  2. Final Cut Pro

    by Stephen Lewis

    81 Videos / 3,701 Followers

    Tutorials for Final Cut Pro and Express users!

  3. Free Stock Footage

    by Silver Persinger

    8 Videos / 41 Followers

    On this channel, I'll be posting stock footage for others to use in their video projects. While I was working on a video project recently I wished there were more Creative Commons licensed work…

  4. Music in Richmond, Virginia

    by Silver Persinger

    441 Videos / 3 Followers

    Performances by various bands in Richmond, Virginia filmed by Silver Persinger. Many Richmond performers as well as touring bands. I usually include a link to download a free MP3 of the performance…

  5. Richmond Burlesque

    by Silver Persinger

    203 Videos / 15 Followers

    Videos of burlesque performances put on by varios burlesque troupes in Richmond, Virginia filmed by Silver Persinger. Warning: Intended for adult audiences.

  6. Richmond City Council

    by Silver Persinger

    290 Videos / 3 Followers

    Richmond, Virginia's City Council. An independent source of public meetings filmed and edited by Silver Persinger, a citizen of Richmond. More information related to the videos can be found…

  7. The Stereo 3D Channel

    by Ryan Suits

    2,155 Videos / 7,002 Followers

    The Stereo 3D Channel is home for all things stereoscopic on Vimeo. Our Blog: http://stereo3Dchannel.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/stereo3Dchannel Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stereo3Dchannel

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