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CHECK OUT OUR CHANNEL: n. restlessness, frenzy, appetite for action, turmoil, unstoppable movement.

Freima is a collective of saint adventurers, ethereal ramblers, eyewitnesses of rhythm: artists, technicians and thinkers engaged in the praxis and aesthetics of change.

Freima Labs aims to publish forward thinking Portuguese electronic music in an assortment of genres, establishing a sense of unity in diversity. We thus motivate our artists to remix and collaborate amongst themselves, generating cross-pollination paths between languages, and the desired coherence of the editorial project as a whole. Techno, House, Electronica… those are just words.

Scheduled artists include both established and upcoming artists such as Alex FX, Cleymoore, Ellie, Freimatic, Fulano47, Infestus, Jesus K & the sicksicksicks, LOKI, Ludovic, Lukkas, Miguel Torga, Mirror People, Over8, Pal+, Photonz, Pixel82, Reverb, Solution, Stereo Addiction, Trikk, Voxels…

They can stop the party but they can’t stop the Freima.

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