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Frenis Zero is a multidisciplinary on-line journal devoted to promote psychoanalytic reflexion in several domains: social sciences, arts, neuroscience, Mediterranean history. Its scientific committee includes Janine Altounian (Paris), Leonardo Ancona (Rome), Brenno Boccadoro (Geneva), Mario Colucci (Trieste), Lidia De Rita (Bari), S. Fizzarotti Selvaggi (Bari), Patrizia Guarnieri (Florence), Nicole Janigro (Milan), René Kaës (Lyon), Otto Kernberg (New York), Massimo Maisetti (Milan), Livia Marigonda (Venice), Predrag Matvejevic' (Zagreb), Franca Mazzei (Milan), Laura Montani (Roma), Salomon Resnik (Paris), Mario Rossi Monti (Florence), Mario Scarcella (Messina). From July 2008, one year after Mauro Mancia's death, its seat /Ce,Psi.Di.) has been named after this outstanding psychoanalyst in order to promote the dialogue between psychoanalysis and neuroscience. From November 2009 the editor-in-chief is Nicole Janigro. From December 2010 Laura Montani (psychoanalyst S.P.I., I.P.A.) is the editor of SPACE ROSENTHAL, a psychoanalytic web space about feminine.

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