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Bobby Fritze is a digital marketing strategist, copywriter, coder, community manager, and creative director born and raised in Colorado. He operates Fritze Media Group in Littleton/Denver.

Fritze Media core competencies are in delivering broadcast-quality video, print, web, and other media, crafting compelling copywriting for social, stage, screen, online & offline journalism, and expertise in business administration, 360˚/integrated/omni-channel marketing, e-commerce, sports, entertainment, and popular culture.
Our mission is strategic innovations in abstract ideas.
We offer trategy, tactics, and digital assets that build brands & connect customers.

Bobby's marketing and brand experience throughout his B.A. and M.B.A. career at the University of Colorado Denver includes an extensive knowledge of business administration principles, strategic market planning, sports, entertainment, and popular culture, as well as innovative intuition for cinema, music, and advertising.

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