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Form Pro Films creates comfortable environment for the realization of the filming project for partners in Latvia.
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Forma Pro Films deals with production of Feature Films, TV Movies and Music Videos. Full diversity of locations (architecture of Riga - a UNESCO world heritage site, countryside, small towns). Full range of technical support and equipment rentals. We cover all phases from script development to distribution.

Forma Pro Films was founded in 1999. During more than 10 years of production of feature films, television series and television programs Forma Pro Film collaborates with CBS, Hallmark, RTN, RTVi (USA), Inter (Ukraine), NTV, RTR, Culture, REN-TV (Russia), LTV, LNT, PBK (Latvia), etc.

In production of music videos and commercials Forma Pro Film collaborates with Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, The Rasmus, Massive Tone, Surganova and Orchestra, etc.

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