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Brooklyn, New York

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Born and raised in the Netherlands, he began to teach himself about digital design at the age of 16 and later graduated as Interactive Designer with honor at Mediacollege Amsterdam. In addition to this degree he continued teaching himself new visual styles and technologies to keep pushing himself forward within the interactive field.

To widen his knowledge about interactive design and design in general he decided to get a Bachelor of Design at the Royal Academy of Art within the Interactive/Media/Design department (I/M/D). To supplement his studies at I/M/D he started reading books about creativity, interaction and experience design and applied this knowledge during his freelance work.

He is currently working at Ignition Interactive as a designer with his primary focus in the field of interactive media design. He’s challenged working within the combination of story, concept, research, design, interaction, motion, sound and technology. His strength is in the balance of these elements, as well as detail, aesthetics and curiosity.

For more information about his projects or himself, get in touch or visit his portfolio website .

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