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  1. 03:25

    2013 - Student Hydrogen PSA

    by Florida Solar Energy Center

    6 Videos

    These entries were accepted and the teams were awarded a hydrogen fuel cell to be used in the Hydrogen Challenge as part of the 2014 Energy Whiz Olympics.

  2. 07:35

    Energy Rater Round Table Discussion

    by Florida Solar Energy Center

    7 Videos

    Presentations at the Florida Solar Energy Center discussing recent changes for energy raters. Includes talks on EnergyGauge, what's new in FSEC training, and two equipment demos. Presented…

  3. 55:20

    Hydrogen Challenge 2013

    by Florida Solar Energy Center

    12 Videos

    The Hydrogen Challenge provides a hands-on opportunity for middle and high school students to utilize their STEM skills in a fun and creative way. Students are challenged to transform everyday materials…

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