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Federico Fernandez is a multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-instrumentalist musician, actor, poet and producer.

Fspot is an Alternative band that fuses Ambient, Alternative rock, Electronica to forge a musical avenue of the likes of Massive Attack, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Tricky.
In a very short period of time, Fspot has gain a “cult” status and keeps remaining true to its underground origin.

Fspot released its debut album “Locust” in 2013, (which gained the attention from Rolling Stone Magazine with 3/5 stars and playing the Rolling Stone Festival at Sexpo, received a 4 ½ stars on Splice Magazine and the attention of Bernie Walters, a very well established manager in New York who is representing them throughout the world), EP entitled “Sidetrack” featuring remixes from its debut album and it’s now putting the final touches to its new album “Synesthesia”.

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