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Hi, we are the kids of The Funny Bunch! We drink our milk, eat our veggies, do our chores (well, most of them – helping tweeze dad’s nose hair seems like overkill) – and ALL we’re asking of you wonderful people is to help us make a 30-minute TV pilot so we can entertain the world, and any other galaxy that likes to laugh.

So, what is The Funny Bunch? We’re glad you asked. The Funny Bunch is a sketch comedy/variety show BY KIDS FOR KIDS. That’s right, we’re kid actors, singers, and dancers. And each show has a celebrity guest host!

To make this project happen, we need to raise at least $20,000. That’ll help us pay for the TV studio, cameras, crew, and editor -- plus something the adults call marketing costs.

Visit our IndieGoGo campaign to help us out:

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