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Fun Track Music Limited, is established in 2013 by composer Wong Kin Wai, who has 10 years of music production experience, is now open to provide the best music production in the industry.

Fun Track Music Limited provides full music service, from composing, producing, and coordinating different musicians (instrumentalists, vocalist, and even voice over talents) for clients. We also provide different scales of recording services: be it a 2 hour recording session for voice over, or a 2 day recording session for a full orchestra.

Being a composer of different genre, Wai shows his skills and virtuosity in producing different styles of music, and different music products. You may hear his jazzy tunes and pop songs in commercials, touching scores in movies, and his intense orchestral pieces in game soundtracks.

With the experience of composing for over 400 TV commercials, 15 movies, 2 PC game soundtracks, Wai not just only provide creative music ideas, but also perfect executions for his clients.


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