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So many lovable Furballs are out there AND so many people seeking a lovable Furball are out there too! Sometimes, it's hard to connect the two. I'm trying to help by creating short, fun, video glimpses of lovable adoptable dogs so that anybody looking for a special Furball companion can quickly find their perfect match.

So, FurballTV.com is born: The destination for fun adoptable dog videos in Los Angeles.

My name is Chris, and I work as a film editor in Lost Angeles. I edit these videos myself. Mostly I do the filming as well (if it's nearby). Sometimes the rescue operation is far away so they film their own Furballs and send me the footage to work with. Either way, I concentrate on one pup at a time and focus on showing their personality as clearly as possible so viewers can find their Furball soulmate. These are individualized commercials for each individual Furball!!!

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