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Fusion Mixed Martial Arts is a family oriented martial art school/dojo (dojo means training hall in Japanese) that strives to be a fun, safe and friendly environment. We specialize in combat sports such as Thai Boxing, Boxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and full contact karate.

Fusion Mixed Martial Arts focus on the 3 phases of combat: Striking, Clinching/Take Down, and Grappling.

We believe to be a complete martial artist you would have to train in all 3 phases of combat. By having an integration of all 3 phases of combat, the students and martial artist will have confident, and fluidity in any self defense, sparring and fighting situations.

At Fusion Mixed Martial Arts dojo, all training needs to be functional by following these 3 basic principles: timing, energy, and motion in other word it has to be alive (These 3 principles was developed by Matt Thornton.)

Be a fly on a wall and watch Sensei Phu teach his class with Gusto!!

Fusion Mixed Martial Arts

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  1. Wow thanks for producing this video. When I 1st moved to Canada in 1980 the Chinese Restaurant owner that my mom worked for told stories of him being scared about deported and stuff because he came to Canada in situation similar to this.