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Anticipated FWF debut

Roxy FM had named Fair Weather Friends the musical hope of 2013. They have played over hundred concerts, including such festivals as Heineken Open'er Festival, Coke Live Music Festival and Free Form Festival. The Band enters 2014 with even bigger energy and a new album boldly exploring dance and electronic music.


Media about FWF:
„No one plays in Poland like those guys” Piotr Metz, Polish Radio Channel Three „Trojka”

„The pearl of electronic music” Tomasz Rawski, Polish Radio Channel Four

„Fair Weather Friends ‘swallow’ me not only with their global and professional sound or with concert condition. They are watchful musicians with a jazzy leading vocal and entered Radio Roxy Musical Hope list. I listen, I see and I trust!” Monika Piasecka, Roxy FM

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