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Friends We Love
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Friends We Love (FWL) is a boutique production company and web tv station conceived by filmmaker Mike Vargas and multi-media artist Moni Pineda. Our mission is to produce dynamic online content that documents the creative process of artists and inspires dialogue and self-expression through a global online community. FWL consists of various artistic initiatives including a short-documentary series, educational programs and public performance events, including but not limited to art installations, festivals & film screenings. Our programming seeks to educate & celebrate artists through cultural exchange, community building and collaborations between the online and offline community.

Since inception, FWL has produced 70 short films which have been seen in over 135 countries, designed our current website which hosts not only videos but also the “We Love” blog, photography and music galleries, begun to implement our educational initiatives, and organized an Arts & Music Festival with some of NY best known street artists and bands. We pride ourselves in high quality, socially conscious content that inspires and ultimately benefits the greater good.

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