Mike Gruszynski

Michigan - Midwest Area

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G6 Studios, LLC

Specialize in: Video Production, Motion Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Animation, Visual Storytelling

Founded by Mike Gruszynski in the winter of 2010 while he was a student at Michigan State University

Mike's Bio:

For as long as I can remember I have been addicted to visual storytelling. Growing up with a love for art, movies and technology, I have always been interested in discovering new ways to tell stories and creatively spread information digitally. Seeing the reactions and impact these messages have on people is what truly motivates me everyday to continue creating content and helping others.

Whether it is video production, motion graphic design, digital marketing or website development, my goal is to create content that is efficient, effective, easy to use and enjoyable to watch. I consider myself humble, honest, and fun team-player. I will continue to help others tell their stories and I intend to never stop learning, growing and developing as a video production and digital marketing professional.

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