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Gabriel Bisset-Smith is an award winning writer/actor/director from London. He's had plays produced at the Hampstead Theatre, York Theatre Royal and for BBC Radio Four. He's been on attachment at the Soho Theatre, the Royal Court and a regular story contributor on the Channel Four series Skins. His short film "Thrush" won the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival Tenderpixel audience choice award, the 2010 Vimeo Best Narrative award and the Grand Jury Prize at the Disposable Film Festival. He's also directed music video's for the Golden Silvers and three other shorts "Mr Dorothy", "Tomato Soup" and "Last Night". He has just been named one of Dazed & Confused magazines Dazed Visionaries and they commissioned he latest film "Toilets". He is also one half of comedy double act GUILT&SHAME

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Contact: Independent Talent Group Limited
Formerly ICM, London
76 Oxford Street London W1D 1BS
Telephone +44 20 7636 6565
Fax +44 20 7323 0101


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