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In a world where technology moves at lighting speed and where every day people have easier acces to information, the opportunity to produce great video content in an affordable way is now at our fingertips. Simple web tutorials, creative and informational videos and high quality inexpensive equipment; are opening people's eyes to how attainable it is to shoot a great piece. Besides creative talent and years of expertise in the film and video industry, what really sets us apart, is our strategy in really understanding what our clients need, and what people want to see and grasp from the finished work.
We have developed a five-step formula that creates this bridge of clear and constant communication between our clients and us.

by listening to the needs, goals and vision of a project

we determine the feel, color, fonts, essence, mood

this is the production process, the creation, this is where the actual shoot happens

we give the client the first edit

based on the first cut we listen the the client's needs


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