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Gal is animation director, illustrator and characters designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
He is represented by Partizan as a commercial and music video director.
Gal has developed a beautifully composed style that can be seen across a broad range of his projects.
Whether it is a TV spot, music video, cartoon series, channel ID, an interactive campaign or designed shoes, Gal's work is inventive, dynamic, and cutting edge.
Gal has created videos, characters and illustrations for diverse clients as:
Coca-cola Paris, Petrobras Brazil, O2 Germany, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
Ltd, Ratag Israel, dazed & confused magazine, anorak magazine and many more,always pushing simplicity to its most aesthetically powerful limits.
follow me on twitter:!/galshkedi

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  1. johan hoitink commented on INSECTS
    and yes please continue!! Loved this vid!
  2. johan hoitink commented on INSECTS
    oh oh ooh what I would love if those bugs would've appeared in my video! But you must name the place where they live, 'cause al I got where flowers and bees. ;) Here my first attempt on filming flowers