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Galway Technology Centre provides serviced office space in a prime location in Galway to meet the needs of companies in the ICT, digitalmedia and other knowledge and service based sectors. GTC also provides a range of business start-up and virtual office services.

Galway Technology Centre was established in 1994 to meet the needs of the emerging cluster of ICT companies in the Galway area at that time. Since then, it has housed many hundreds of innovative start-ups and developing companies and has acquired a reputation for the provision of flexible, high quality, serviced office space with a range of integrated technologies, facilities and services. The Centre provides a complete solution to entrepreneurs seeking a high quality environment in which to grow their enterprise from concept to commercialisation and beyond.

The Centre is supported by Galway Chamber, Enterprise Ireland, Galway County & City Enterprise Board and WESTBIC.

Tel:+353 91 770007

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