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Hi, I'm Gary, some call me GanderCo coz I'm from a site at, ( http;// ) I like Internet video and Wordpress Blogging and as I learned more and more I became addicted to SEO. A few years ago I was no longer able to continue as a truck driver and I became a stay at home Dad. Out of boredom I started studying how I could replace my Trucking job with online blogging and stuff like that.

As the years went by, I learned a ton of "Tricks" and Psychology that it takes to do just that, but I didn't feel too good about doing this "trickery" for stuff I didn't really care much about.

Then One Day I Started On My Passion: Playing Guitar!
What I love the most are my two awesome kids (ok, those are "who's" not "whats" huh?). What I also love very much is playing music... Bass Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, piano and drums bla bla bla. Then one day, late in March 2012...

My Daughter Chloe Grace told me she wanted to learn how to play the guitar and she asked me to give her some Acoustic Guitar Lessons (she said acoustic not electric), so I got her started at learning guitar within about 3 weeks.

At the time of this writing, It is now a few months later (August 2012) and she is learning to play guitar ONLINE! When Chloe wants to learn to play a song on the guitar she just pops over to YouTube and learns how to play it on her acoustic guitar, and it didn't take long before she began singing too!

Chloe has made a few videos of herself singing and playing her guitar with wonderful feedback! I joined her on my Bass Guitar and we've started learning songs together and since I already know how, I'm building a WordPress Blog called "Chloe's Guitar" at...

So it seems now that "my" dream is coming true which is to "someday" play music with my kids! Well, that "someday" has finally arrived and my dream is beginning to come true. What's really cool is that Chloe Grace thinks it's her dream coming true. How awesome is that!

Gary Anderson II
aka- @GaryAnderson_II

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