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Graduated from the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries in 2008 with a 'Creativity, Innovation & Vision Award'.
Won a Dean's Scholarship to Bond University where he completed a Bachelor of Film & Television.
Has won 'Top of Class Awards' in Editing 1, Producing 2, Directing Actors, Directing: Camera Coverage & Film Analysis.
Co-directed music video for Ash Grunwald's 'Walking' with Nicholas O'Hara Boyd (2010) which made the Rage Top 50 (no. 33).
Wrote & directed short film 'Pandora's Box' (2010).
Directed 'Coffee Breakdown' (2011) which won Espresso Essential's 'Viral Advertisement' competition.
Directed 'Neon' (2011) which won the 'Student Incentive Prize' at MTV's 'Optus ONE80PROJECT'.

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