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I'm a chilled fun loving freelance shooter, specialising in Reportage/ On Set and Portrait Photography.

The recording of candid moments is what I do best, but those who know me would differ, saying popping up in the most unlikely of places is my fortè. I'll take both please, for it crafts my style of imagery .

Photography takes me all over the world, a lucky amigo indeed. I love capturing the tale of life's journey; the energy of a live performance, the emotion in a story of challenge, or perhaps the unfolding relationships of cast and crew during filming.

I won't bore you with my photographic history, clients, etc, etc, you can hop on over to my folio for more. Instead, I'd like to share my journey into the world of "Behind The Scenes" filming, something that has interested me for sometime, yet taken until recently to kick started.

Enjoy your visit and feel free to get in touch to discuss projects or simply to say "Hi".

Warm regards


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