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Hi...thanks for checking my work. I am currently Head of Media ( radio and TV) for Rhema Media in NZ... As well as doing on air stuff and involved with programming and marketing. Quick history.... ..was founding CEO of UCB in Canada, happily worked for 5 years as Director of Broadcasting for UCB in the UK... before that, GM for Radio Works in Otago NZ. Lived life as Gary Fleet for 612 4QR as an announcer in Brissy during the late 80's and a breaky jock before that in Dunedin NZ on 4ZB with Henny Penny ( a chicken!). Have read a bit of TV news. Still making the odd TV program. Done a stint as a basketball commentator for Channel 10 in Brisbane. Best TV interview?..chatting with Bill Gaither. Best radio interview?...Time spent with the comedian Dick Emery. Best books?...Jim Collins 'Good to Great'...Phil Cooke 'Last TV Evangelist'.

Making videos with Andrew Whitely ( ) for organisations that need a public profile at a cost that does not include selling the family jewels to pay for it.

Love working for Rhema Media in with the coolest radio people ....can't begin to name them as I'd be bound to miss someone out.

Again, thanks for visiting...enjoy the videos. Love to get your feedback.

Gary Hoogvliet

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