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  1. Acoustic

    by Steve Klein joined

    24 Videos / 10 Members

    Everything acoustic instrument....

  2. Experimental music

    by Jorgesotofarias joined

    80 Videos / 18 Members

    upload your video related to experimental music, real-time performance, improvisation, etc.. Spreading your music is in your hands. more info in: jorgesotofarias.blogspot.com

  3. Odd Instruments and Music

    by Tyler at Oddstrument.com joined

    398 Videos / 81 Members

    The Odd Instruments and Music group doesn't like fitting in. We like the unusual. Noises, sounds, music - it's all around us. Play your kitchen pots, upturn your bowls and drip water…

  4. contemporary art video, visual arts

    by lili-oto joined

    2,679 Videos / 578 Members


    by Miba Eisbraun joined

    35 Videos / 13 Members

    Anything that has to do with contemporary art . . .

  6. Small Museums

    by Minnesota Historical Society joined

    30 Videos / 7 Members

    This is group for those that like or work at small museums and want to talk about ways small museums can use video more effectively and economically.

  7. The Museum Channel

    by museomuva joined

    155 Videos / 58 Members

    The Museum Channel is a place where every museum in the world can join and publish their videos about their expoisitions. Free for all.

  8. GoPro Timelapse

    by Suat Erus joined

    72 Videos / 60 Members

    Timelapse videos taken with GoPro timelapse mode

  9. parl sound art group

    by Nico Parlevliet joined

    111 Videos / 18 Members

    collection sound art videos

  10. Alpha-ville

    by Alpha ville joined

    530 Videos / 727 Members

    Showcasing art that pushes the boundaries of creativity with technology and looks beyond its confines. Join us to explore and promote ideas, concepts and find inspiration for our yearly festival and…

  11. Arduino, Interactions and Kinetics

    by oona james-mills joined

    201 Videos / 145 Members

    Sculpture and conceptual design incorporating the use of arduino programming, interactive sensors or kinetics.

  12. Museummedia

    by Infofilm/Museummedia joined

    32 Videos / 11 Members

    Let's share videos to inspire our museum design process!

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