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542 Pembroke St., Pembroke =, NH

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Welcome to Grace Capital Church

We consider ourselves a church for ordinary people from all walks of life. We are "people of a second chance" who know that God's grace is available to anyone who asks. We have a passion to build people, families, and leaders; becoming a community and making a difference in the world that we live.

No matter which of our campuses you choose to attend, you'll have a great experience. The worship is amazing and powerful and will help you connect with God. The messages are relevant and life changing, helping you practically live out God's Word. Kids church is a fun place where we care for our children and teach them how much God loves them. Every week you will meet people just like you who have stories of life- change and hope.

Throughout the week, we focus on connecting with one another through our LifeGroups that meet throughout the region in different homes. It's here that we can become part of a community and build meaningful relationships.

We invite you to visit us and experience God at Grace Capital Church.

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