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I am a documentary filmmaker specialising in human rights and civil liberties. I love to use the camera to tell intimate stories of people's lives and nowhere do I feel that is more important than giving voice to victims of Human Rights violations; those that would normally have little exposure to the public. With the right camera and directing skills I have the power to do that. To make a documentary allows you to express your views on an issue without being in front of the camera and that appeals to me.

I am a director, camera operator and apple certified editor so I am in control of every stage of production ensuring no one is ever exploited when it comes to the final cut.


  1. The Elders
  2. Marcelo Vianna
  3. Branchage Film Festival
  4. John Holloway
  5. Fred Grace
  6. Nick Singer
  7. Toby Falconer
  8. AMC
  9. Fat Rat Films
  10. Claudio von Planta

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