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Geoffrey Hancock is a leading digital and visual effects supervisors whose recent credits in addition to "Cloud Atlas" include“J. Edgar”, “Invictus,” “Changeling,” “Night at the Museum” . Hancock initially joined Rainmaker, as a digital artist on “I, Robot,” an Academy Award nominated film for best visual effects. Prior to joining the studio, he worked at Image Engine, Northwest Imaging and Effects, Lost Boy Studios and GVFX. He briefly left to work on ”Slither” at Brightlight Studios before returning as CG supervisor on “Night at the Museum.” Hancock’s broad background in digital artistry includes character animation, film compositing, CG cinematics and CG supervision. Additional feature credits include “Elektra”, “Santa Claus 2″ and the upcoming ”Red Dawn.” Hancock’s television credits include “Samurai Girl,” “Stargate SG-1″ and “The Outer Limits.”

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