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All films directed by George Gross
below are some of my favorites

Gary Vosot
2 min - TV Reporter Stand-Up Reel

And Repeat w/ Ricardo Roig
6 min of screen printing process

Nanny Cam, 5 min horror film
(written and produced in 48 hours)

Beverly Hills 90210
3-4 min Monster Mash

An American in New York

Hickory Dickory Dock,
7 min time travel comedy
(written and produced in 48 hours)

Breaking the News
22 min comedy pilot

Hate - Fllowsik Music Video

Two Fosters Commercials

Strychnine And Brandy,
6 min historical comedy
(written and produced in 48 hours)

Duelless Morning
5 min historical mockumentary

"Friday 3D" Monster Mash (2 min)

“The Room” Trailer Redux (3 min)

"The Room" Monster Mash (2min)


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