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London / Los Angeles

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George Kallis is a prolific composer who started scoring music for films in 2005. He orchestrates and conducts his compositions, whose trademarks are memorable lyrical melodies and lush musical soundscapes.

George has just finished scoring the prison-thriller SCREWED (Lionsgate) starring James D'Arcy and Noel Clark, out in UK cinemas in June 2011. His credit list includes the scores for HIGHLANDER THE SOURCE (Lionsgate) directed by Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity), JOY DIVISION (Momentum Pictures) directed by Reg Traviss, orchestrations for various MARVEL films, and music for BBC HORIZON, WILL & GRACE (NBC), FARAH’S STORY (NBC/C4), AMERICA’S MOST WANTED (20th Century Fox) to name a few.

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