George Cheng

Stour Space, Hackney Wick,London

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Fine Artist, Designer, Motion graphics, story boarding, 2d & 3D Generalist. This dude does it all (almost).

George Cheng a Fine Art graduate Byam Shaw School of Art (one London's last remaining independent art schools), and graduated from Central St. Martins.

A trained multimedia artist creating works that range from book art, photography, sculpture and installations to performance and video art. He brings his artistic background to create commercials with a contemporary independent feel.

Experienced with creating content for broadcast, outdoor media and live events, presentations, live projections, instore content, holograms, books, my god what else have i done...

After over half a decade of full time employment is now a gun for hire...

(work featured credited to Squarezero LTD 2008-2012)

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