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Geo Rittenmyer’s passion for photography began as an infant hiking through the Sierra-Nevada Mountains on his fathers’ shoulders, and his career began when he took a summer job in 1999 retouching high school senior portraits. Soon thereafter, he decided that he’d rather take pictures and enrolled at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. While there, he became a an expert on the technical aspects of photography, and he was hired to help as a professor’s assistant. With a major in advertising photography, and talent as a high-end retoucher, Geo headed to New York City to begin his career.

Geo’s photography clients include ESPN magazine, Time Magazine, Men’s Journal, Jhane Barnes, Seven New York and the New York City Heart Gallery to name a few. Geo’s retouching clients include: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Ralph Lauren, A&E, New York Times Magazine, Buca De Beppo and numerous special projects for photographers. In addition, Geo has worked in many capacities for Feld Entertainment since 2004.

Geo is the guy people seek out for his artistic talent, amazing technical ability, his calm under pressure and his unbeatable problem solving skills.

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