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Gerardo del Hierro studied Arts Bachillerato and later Digital Design in IED Madrid.
After finishing his studies, he started working as a freelance designer for several studios and companies: oink digital, CP, ,and clients such as Cartoon network, Mastercard, cuatro...
He also collaborated for some years with Promsite. In 2009 he joined Hugo Basism and Saul Alvarez under the name of AXT and together they worked for SONY, Corona, Honda...

He later moved to Barcelona to work with Dvein and Furia Digital in many projects, and to co-direct with Physalia the short "Inductance" for the F5 Re:Play Fest 2011.

Gerardo del Hierro currently freelances as art director and 3D artist. Based in Barcelona, although completely available to work elsewhere, he is open to traveling, meeting and collaborating with new studios and clients.

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