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Wildberg/Black Forest Germany

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Filmmaker, 3D-Operator & Editor based in Wildberg/Germany.
Director avmediafactory.

The avmediafactory is all about creating great footage for Web, Mediaplayer, Blu-ray & DVD. We're a video production company founded 1973 by Gert Tetzner.

Our work is all about giving companies, tourist offices, local governments etc. a cheap but quality option to have great footage on their website, DVD/Blu-ray or whatever wanted — produced in 2D and 3D in HD or C4K.


Hohenbergstr. 21
72218 Wildberg/Germany

Phone: +49.7054.8693
Mobile: +49.171.5290387
Fax: +49.705.8662

Managing Director: Gert Tetzner
USt-ID-Nr.: DE251804318

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