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Gettin' Grown TV is an episodic show, featuring the adventures of 12-year old Eric and his best friends Will and Rashid. It is a slice-of-life dramatic series about growing up in the inner city that is both kid-centric and family friendly in content.

The show focuses on the problems facing Eric, Will and Rashid as part of their daily lives: trying out different plans for making money, dealing with a neighborhood bully, balancing the demands of their parents with the demands of their friends, and generally living life in the city while trying to stay out of trouble.

Each show begins with what appears to be an innocent decision or problem, but conflict with a friend, an adult, or the city itself complicates the story and launches a series of adventures, challenges and hi-jinx.

GGTV isn't just a show, it's a way to participate in making television, with lots of ways to get involved on the website AND contribute to the show itself. Not only can you, the viewer, communicate with us and with each other via social networking, blogs and polls, but you can also contribute photos, audio and video that are incorporated into the show itself.

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