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Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) main purpose is to : Engage youth from around the world to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers.
To make Pakistan a Global Economic power by utilizing the Human resource and it's young population for the economic growth and betterment of this country.
GEW- Pakistan:

GEW- Pakistan is managed and run by University Professors and students. GEW Pakistan's host organization is "Alternate Solutions" A company set up by University Professors and students to promote Entrepreneurship. To inspire thousands of people to pursue their ideas, to create job opportunities and to build global ambition among young people and business owners alike.


Global Entrepreneurship Week began life as Enterprise Week in the UK back in 2004. When news of the phenomenal success of Enterprise Week in the UK spread the globe, lots of other countries got excited at the potential of running similar initiatives in their own countries. So in 2008, Enterprise UK and the Kauffman Foundation (the world’s largest entrepreneurship foundation based in the US) founded the very first Global Entrepreneurship Week.

GEW Week:

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a worldwide movement of entrepreneurial people, with millions unleashing their enterprising talents and turning their ideas into reality.
Global Entrepreneurship Week is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate all the amazing work that goes on year-round.

Our Partners:

Our partners (the wonderful organizations that run activities during the Week) use Global Entrepreneurship Week to launch something new, showcase their projects, or just generally raise the profile of entrepreneurship in their locality. They do this because we all recognize that entrepreneurship is a force for good. It can lift people out of poverty, enable people to take control of their own lives, or simply turn their passions into profit.


Activities range from enterprise competitions to talks from local role models, Workshops, Classroom Lectures to large scale Conferences.

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