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  1. c4dtools.net

    by Robert Leger subscribed to

    122 Videos / 177 Followers

    http://c4dtools.net - Your Marketplace for C4D Tools

  2. bendingpixels tutorials

    by rob garrott subscribed to

    14 Videos / 103 Followers

    Hi all, my blog, got hacked, and instead of fighting with wordpress, and PHP, I'm just starting a channel here on vimeo! This will be a place for me to publish some basic C4D tutorials, and…

  3. Robots!

    by Karen Abad subscribed to

    161 Videos / 4,086 Followers

    Vimeo...connecting robots!

  4. XPresso Lessons

    by Robert Leger subscribed to

    20 Videos / 142 Followers

    The XPresso Lessons series is a free training "class" on www.robertleger.net, where participants will be given a task / confronted with a problem, that has to be solved using XPresso within…

  5. Teasers

    by Robert Leger subscribed to

    9 Videos / 18 Followers

    Collected teaser animations for tutorials at robertleger.net

  6. Feedback

    by Robert Leger subscribed to

    2 Videos / 15 Followers

    Sometimes people send me their videos and ask for feedback. This channel is the archive of these critiques.

  7. Quick Tips

    by Robert Leger subscribed to

    12 Videos / 68 Followers

    The Quick Tips are meant to demonstrate techniques and features of Cinema 4D, that are probably not as popular as Mograph, for example, but still worth knowing about. The length of these short tutorials…

  8. Cinema 4D Tutorials (english voiceovers only)

    by 3d bomb subscribed to

    494 Videos / 5,602 Followers

    A comprehensive collection of video tutorials to help you get the most out of Maxons Cinema 4D & C4D Plugins. Also featuring crossover tutorials where you'll learn to use RealFlow and After…

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