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Over the course of twenty five years, Gil Luna has emerged as an insightful and innovative storyteller. A film veteran, Luna has worked on recent films such as Feast of Love, The Music Within, and Hallmark's The Valley of Light. Whether exploring the strangeness of 1930's political incorrectness as in his short film, The Bobbsey Twins Go to Hell, or showcasing global issues with new insight in Population: 2, Luna has developed a unique style of filmmaking which highlights the fears and hopes of the greater human experience in situations that demand a profound examination.

As a director, Luna brings to bear his myriad backgrounds as a musician, singer, teacher, actor and filmmaker in a global vision that allows him to be creatively active in every step of the filmmaking process. As a producer, Luna has a proven record of attracting quality talent and crewmembers to his films. His years of networking and creating positive relations within the film community lend him a support unavailable to other filmmakers of his stature. It also lends him an awareness of and attention to details. The production value he brings to a project exceeds that of most independent films.

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