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  1. cathan Murray

    cathan Murray Minneapolis, MN


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    New to the Video world but I love it. I started out in Furniture design and Computer modeling which then moved into animations of the furniture and exhibits that I worked on. Soon after that I started editing those animations and adding intro's and outro's to them. Now I am hooked on FCP…

  2. Chad Gilmour

    Chad Gilmour Dallas


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    Full-time editor/motion graphics artist at Vertigo Post (http://vertigopost.com/), part of Turnstile Inc, and available for free-lance. This channel is a collection of work I created and produced for various clients and just for fun. Feel free to email me: chadgilmour@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/gilmourmedia LinkedIn:…

  3. jackgilmour

    jackgilmour Minnesota


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    Jack Gilmour is a singer, songwriter and guitar player performing in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area of Minnesota.

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