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Curiosity, tenacity and immersion are three words that have defined the way we work at Gina LeVay, and that continue to drive all our visual pursuits.

Whether it’s an independent project, an editorial assignment, or a rebranding campaign, curiosity is the ground of all our explorations. What is the full potential of this idea, what is the essence of this story or product? The more we explore the possibilities, the more we create the conditions for inspiration to occur. Creativity is born from curiosity. In 2003, when we first started The Sandhog Project, we learned not to be afraid to think BIG, and not to take NO for an answer. We approach all artistic endeavors with tenacity. We truly believe that with focus, conviction and perseverance, everything is possible.

At GL Productions we immerse fully in the creative process, from beginning to end. We approach each project with three core principles: Concept, Connection and Collaboration. From pre-production to lighting set-up to post, everything depends on communicating our concept in the most effective and intelligent way. Personal connection, for us, is what photography is all about. We get to know our clients, the talent, our subjects, and the creative team. When we have established trust, that is when the magical energy of the shoot happens. Whatever the scope of the job requires, we work with a national and international network of producers, production artists, digital techs, video and sound operators, and post-production artists.


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