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GINOTONICO PRODUCTION is the independent electronic music label founded by producer and designer Ginotonico.
The label is based in the North-East of Italy in the area around Venice, surrounded by a weird mix of Nature and Industry. It was born to release musicians with attitude, outside the mainstream music market, and reach worldwide listeners who can appreciate their tunes. The motto of the label is “Music Taken Personal“, because the artists are chosen and followed personally by Ginotonico, who loves their music and the way they live their passion.
The roster of musicians is deliberately limited in quantity, concentrated in peculiar releases and aiming to continuously grow up in quality. Some of them are inspired from external factors such as nature and human relationships and music is a way to escape form reality. Some others are attracted by technology and they use music as a mean to emancipate from the sorrounding context and globalize.

“The distance from the mainstream industry epicenters allow us to create our own creative world, in which space and time are dilated and leave us the possibility of explore different paths and experiment without hard restrictions.” - Ginotonico

GINOTONICO PRODUCTION is distributed worldwide by digital leader “The Orchard” in Download, Streaming and Mobile stores such as iTunes, Emusic, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Discogs, Soundcloud, Juno ect.

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