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My name is Giordano Borghi, I was born in 1972, very bad vintage for italian wine but very good for creative people and artists.
In 2001 it begins my job into commercial & advertising photography. In these last 10 years of activity, new technologies and the new media have strongly changed the way to do communication, sometimes closing doors, sometimes opening of others, but above of all giving possibilities to research new creative languages of expression.
2011, B35FILM means to give you the magic of the Cinema movies, the storytelling emotion using the motion images, soundtracks, graphic animations and 3D through the production of HD films destined at commercials, from company profiles to Adv video, documentaries, objects but also motion portrait and weddings. I've got my own studio in Reggio Emilia (north Italy).

You can visit my photographer website giordanoborghi.it or watch my video backstages at youtube.com/user/giordanoborghi

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