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I was born in Sicily, in 1982.
I've interested in filmmaking at the age of 10, when my parents gifted me my first camcorder. It was like a new toy I felt would have been very important in my life.
I began to train myself with steady shooting handheld, to try cinema techniques I wanted to emulate. I was a shy boy, so the camera was a perfect vehicole to express myself in the right way. A lot of friends loved my work and how my home movies seemed cinematic. My videos seemed to be interesting to everyone.
The next important step was when I buyed the blu stylish imac at the age on 16, very important to begin to edit in a serious way with Final cut pro. It changed my life.

Now I'm 31 and, after a degree and a master in Audiovisual arts, I work for a lot of important brands in the world as a creative mind. I'm a filmmaker, editor and director of photography. Some of my clients were Jaguar, Telecom, San Pellegrino, Orient Express hotels, UBM, GQ, MTV, Deagostini and many many others.
The “Alone in NY” video, makes now more than 400.000 plays on Vimeo and thousands of embeds in worldwide art, design and video sites, one of those is the influent It is a video that gave and continues to give to me a lot of satisfactions.

I love creating a beautiful story. I love beautiful camera movements, the good photography and the right choose of the soundtrack on edit. I love to create something people can remind. I love to give them emotions through my vision.
I'm a “one man band”. I often write the concept, I shoot the images, focusing on the accuracy and beautyness of the photography, I edit the video and also color correct the footage, to export MY piece. I think that often the video productions share the projects to too much people, so the final result is less interesting. I want to follow the steps of the full project personally to mantain the integrity of the original idea.
Sometimes I use the support of freelancers to help me, depending from the budget and how the project is big: sound designers, motion graphic talents and producers, they are very important in my workflow.
I have my own equipment to shoot, light and edit. I'm also sponsored by VITEC group (Manfrotto, lightpanels etc.). Sometimes I rent what I need.

I'm focused especially on Commercials, corporates and documentaries. But I do everything I feel like interesting.
I've the luck to work in Italy, one of the best country in the world as lifestyle, design and art, but I love to travel and to work all over the world.

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