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Los Angeles, CA

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Gareth Walsh creates artwork that questions the boundaries of perceived reality, and focuses on the illusionary properties developed through the manipulation and recombination of its parts. The materiality of these boundaries, their threshold with others and the grey space within them is what Walsh's work seeks to explore.

His work has been shown internationally with screenings and exhibitions at TEDxUCLA, The Broad Stage (Los Angeles), the New Gallery (London, UK), Arena 1 Gallery, New Wight Gallery, Millard Sheets Gallery, Create: Fixate, and Wight Gallery (Los Angeles); 404 Festival of Electronic Art(Argentina). Featured in "Conversations with Artists: Jennifer Steinkamp", Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art (LACMA).

Walsh has freelanced on numerous design projects including channel concept and animation design for the launch of MTV DESI. Installed social interactive artworks for Snibbe Interactive Inc, and from 2008 - 2010 he founded the Freelance Republic a new media interdisciplinary design studio. He is currently launching a sustainable living and environmentally friendly furniture company called, VVOODS - Reclaimed Wood Furniture of Los Angeles.

He teaches various experimental time-based media courses in the Dept. Design Media Arts, UCLA.

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